POINT Sunflower seeds factory was established in 1988 in Pyin-Oo-Lwin City in Mandalay region to support the distribution of the delicious crunchy roasted seeds to our loyal customers. Only three places; Pyin Oo Lwin, Mongo and Mezar are well known for their Sunflower seeds in Myanmar. Point Brand only uses the high-quality seeds from these three location. Quality is our priority for Point Sunflower Group Co, Ltd. Our strong commitment of trying our best to overcome the difficulties is our driving force of producing quality crunchy roasted sunflower seeds. Point Sunflower Group of Research & Development team have been working very hard in creating delicious seeds snacks. Htamanè is a very popular snack in Myanmar because of its strong tempting scent of fried ginger and garlic. Because of its popularity all Point Sunflower products are enhanced with fried ginger and garlic for a great taste. Point Family firstly introduced “Zen” sunflower seeds to the public. After 5 years, we produced and launched POINT sunflower seeds with the best satisfied quality in 1993. Because of the Point Family’s continuous endeavor and benevolence, we could extend another two more industries in Pyin-Oo-Lwin and we received delightfully our loyal customers’ support. Our loyal customers’ satisfaction and support boost our energy that could set up successful milestones not only in Pyin-Oo-Lwin but also in other cities. We could extend more industries in Yangon and Pyin-Oo-Lwin and now we are distributing the fragrantly tasteful sunflower seeds to our loyal customers around Myanmar. “Point Good Choice” & “Point Love”, the sub-brands of Point Family, are launched in 2003. We always control the quality precisely since Point Family produces the quality of sunflower seeds as our first priority. Point Family’s endeavor could reach so many milestones. In 2005, we launched “Point Sun” sunflower seeds and distributed to our loyal customers around Myanmar. Since Point Family dedicated to give the various kinds of delicious sunflower seeds, we introduced again “Point San Pwint” sunflower seeds in 2013 and we established as “Point Sunflower Group Co., Ltd.” by combining all the sunflower seeds sub-brands of Point Family. Based on Point Sunflower Group Co., Ltd.‘s benevolence to give more fragrant and delicious sunflower seeds for our loyal customers, we have been cultivating Mongolian sunflower seeds in Pyin-Oo-Lwin, Hsi Paw and Kyaukme cities since 2015 on our own for the best quality. While Point Sunflower Group Co., Ltd has been distributing the crunchy and best quality sunflower seeds over 30 years, our commitment is to remain in future for our loyal customers. So, we have been systematically nurturing our new generations starting from 10 years ago. With POINT generations’ effort, aiming to long-term success, we will distribute our products officially not only in Myanmar but also in South East Asia and Western countries.

Our Mission

Promoting a healthy and safety workplace and the environment
Building a responsible organization for our society
Building and maintaining of trust in our organization and the communities of neighborhoods
Promoting mindset of Warren Buffet’s quote " Honesty is very expensive gift, do not expect it from cheat people."

Our Vision

To be the largest Sunflower seed confectionery company in Myanmar and exporting to the oversea market in the next 10 years.
To be the first customer product
To build long term business relation with our suppliers